Top 9 WordPress plugin for SEO (For ranking on top)

To rank highly in the search engine, you need a beat of competition, we need a faster, stronger, and smooth website. For any blogger either beginner or professional, a term called search engine is very important. If they know the search engine in a better way then their article will be ranked. For ranking on top of page SEO matters at a very extreme level and for doing this type of work we need a WordPress plugin for SEO.

A good SEO plugin can minimize our hard work. That is why we should use a good SEO plugin. There are various SEO plugins are available with their different types of features. Each plugin has its features and facility and its quality. All these plugin provides us information to rank on search engines.
They suggest using a good keyword, what should be a good keyword length. What is Meta description and how to write that? An SEO plugin provides us all such information.

A beginner blogger or an affiliate marketer doesn’t know how to optimize their blog and how to rank on a search engine, so an SEO plugin is designed for that.

How we can choose the best WordPress plugin for SEO?

How we can choose the best WordPress plugin for SEO, what is that point which we should take in mind when we are searching for the best WordPress plugin for SEO. 

A good SEO plugin should have a good user interface, which is understandable to users. Its keyword analysis features can make a great favor, readability feature is also important.

We have searched multiple such plugins, checked their features, user interface, and quality, and selected the best for you.

So let us start. Following is a list of toppers.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Rank math
  3. All in one SEO pack
  4. Seopress
  5. W3 total cache
  6. Seo framework
  7. Google analytics by monster insights 
  8. Broken link checker
  9. All in one schema rich snippets

1.Yoast SEO

WordPress plugin for SEO

Yoast is the industry-leading product, or we can say that Yoast SEO is the king of SEO. Most of the blogger either they are beginner or professional both recommendations is Yoast, because of its user interface and SEO strategy, from 2008 Yoast is running in the number one position.

Yoast SEO

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin provides all the necessary features which are required to optimize your page or post. You can use its free version and premium version also.

yoast SEO dashboard

Feature included:

  • Yoast SEO can help to improve our canonical URLs and meta tags
  • Yoast SEO’s automatic sitemap generation feature help. Giving structural intro of your site to Google
  • It guides you to write proper titles and meta descriptions, which can improve your branding.
  • Speed is also very important to improve your site for that Yoast SEO provides faster loading time.
  • For the premium user, Yoast provides email support 
  • With premium, you can do video SEO, local SEO, and eCommerce SEO also
  • Seo analysis help to write SEO friendly article with focus keyphrases in mind
  • Readability features ensure that your content will be understandable to users and search engines.

2.Rank math

Rank math is also another great plugin for doing SEO, it also helps to grow your traffic and for designing a good article. If you are struggling with good SEO then you can choose rank math, which can minimize your time and can help by improving your SEO.

Rank math

Rank math is fast-growing WordPress SEO plugin which optimizes your site for search engine and social media. It has a good user interface and easy to set up on your site. It allows users to import data from another plugin.

Rank math dashboard

Feature included:

  • Like as other plugin rank math also optimize your post for unlimited focus keyword. You can customize keyword density at any time.
  • Rank math integrated with google search console, it provides your site important site data by integrating with Google search console. So you do not Google search console separately.
  • It also provides keyword ranking data for Google, by this feature you can see how your keyword is performing on Google. Which is a very good thing in rank math. 
  • It provides a pre-default setting which is the same for most of the sites, which can minimize your confusion.
  • Rank math provides an LSI keyword integrated tool, which can help you by suggesting multiple keyword variations for your focus keyword.
  • Like Yoast SEO it also provides internal linking suggestions, images alt tag suggestions, and automatic site map generation features.
  • Automatic keyword suggestion helps you to find your keyword with the google suggestion technique.

3. All in one SEO 

WordPress SEO plugin

All in one SEO

 All in one SEO pack is another WordPress popular plugin for SEO, that provides search engine optimization. A great user interface, beginner-friendly behavior, and popular SEO tools make it popular.

For ranking your site on Google all in one SEO pack is another good option for any blogger or website maker.

It also provides a free version and a pro version for serious for their SEO. it provides all the necessary features like Yoast. Most of the blogger and other are looking toward all in one SEO pack.

All in one SEO

AIOSEO also supports WooCommerce SEO, you can optimize your product pages for better SEO ranking.

Feature included:

  • AIOSEO provides an easy setup wizard 
  • Same as the above plugin, it also provides a readability feature to understand your content to users and search engines.
  • Guides for title and meta description 
  • AIOSEO can generate a video site map, news site map for better ranking of your site and increasing traffic.
  • Image SEO, local business SEO is also a great feature of all in one SEO pack plugin
  • It also provides import/export features from other plugins like Yoast, rank math.
  • For getting additional SEO insight you can connect AIOSEO to the Google search console and webmaster tool also.
  • You can secure your SEO manager with strong security.
  • You can do SEO for your membership site, landing pages, and social media also.



Seopress is another powerful WordPress SEO plugin, to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, and for improving your social sharing.

Learning SEO is not that much easy so that SEOPress provides many tutorials and ebooks to learn about SEO.

SEOPress plugin dashboard

To see how your post looks in Google search engine SEOPress provides a mobile, desktop preview, and social preview. You can customize our site map to improve search indexing. It also provides an image site map for Google images.

Feature included:

  • With the help of the SEOPress SEO plugin, we can automatically image alt tag, image title, caption, and description.
  • XML site map for the product is available in pro version only

5.W3 total cache

w3 cache seo plugin

Clearing cache is very important for increasing your WordPress site and SEO performance. Google also mentioned that speed is also an important factor in ranking purposes. If you are looking for page speed, performance, then W3 total cache is that plugin that helps in SEO performance and for reducing load time. 

There are many such plugins but which I use and my favorite is w3 total cache.

W3 total cache can improve SEO results, page ranking, and manly for the mobile-friendly website.

Site performance and server performance is main target of this plugin, this plugin increase site performance which very important in ranking.

It clears all page cache and speeds up the site. 

Feature included:

  • Accelerated mobile support 
  • It can clear caching of feed such as tags, category, alt text, comment, the search result in memory, disk and CDN also
  • It can help to clear Caching of database objects, fragments by the method of local disk, win cache, etc…
  • It provides various security features to ensure your website’s safety.
  • It also provides a lazy load feature, to take your user experience to next level.
  • W3 total cache can minify CSS, can minify HTML, JavaScript by providing granular control.

6. SEO framework

WordPress SEO plugin

the seo framework

Seo framework is also another SEO solution, it helps by generating critical meta tags in any language with reading your WordPress site environment, and helps to reduce your valuable time.

It avoids your mistake whenever you create content and provides excellent support.

Feature included:

  • It can create a beautiful post overview by providing multiple colors coded guidelines so that we can find where your blog is lacking by moving the cursor on the screen.
  • By enabling breadcrumbs for Google it helps to rank the website.
  • Security is also an important factor in the SEO, SEO framework can resolve this problem by providing better security  

7. Google analytics by monster insights

google analytic

How it will be helpful for us If we know how exactly our site is performing. How our post is performing and how our user seeing it. This all magic can do one plugin called Google analytics.

Google analytics help to find the exact live performance of our post, it also tells us from where your users are coming on-site, from that you can determine what is working and whatnot.

The easiest part of Google analytic is that it provides all your analytic data on your WordPress dashboard so that you don’t need to jump on Google analytic separately on the browser. That’s why most of the bloggers and most of the companies use google analytics.

google analytic dashboard

All necessary features come with a free version like analytic data and all, but if you want more features then you can go for the pro version. 

Its easy setup and user interface attracting more peoples nowadays that’s why I use it for mite site.

Features included:

  • Integrate with google amp consent box 
  • Ecommerce tracking features help business owners to find customer behavior on your online store, from product view, checkout, etc…
  • Google also provides a site speed report which can help you to improve. 
  • It also provides a search console report. From that, you can find where is your website is currently ranking on google.     
  • It provides, forms reports, eCommerce report and Content report to shows you which content is getting more traffic, so you can start creating such content.

8. Broken link checker

broken link checker

SEO is not only checking focus keywords, SEO is not only about correcting meta description, is not only about correcting readability issues, but is also about checking our website’s internal and external broken link.

A broken link checker is all about checking our internal and external broken links as its name.

It monitors internal, external link on pages, comments and detects the link that doesn’t work and find missing images also.

What problem can occur when we do not check the broken link? Is if our link internal link or external link expired, the user can face a 404 error and it is a very bad thing for a blogger. It is necessary to overcome this problem, for that broken link checker can help you.

Feature included:

  • Highly configured 
  • Broken link editing make simple from the broken link directly.
  • It can prevent a search engine from following a broken link.

9.All in one schema rich snippets

all in one schema rich snippets

Providing some rich content like star rating, reviews and images can attract more people, customers to buy, read, etc…

For that all-in schema rich snippets is a great plugin, it is mostly used for eCommerce sites/products.

It provides a short intro or we can summary of your page or post, which can increase search engine results.

It provides a proper display on social media when you share your post.

So we hope you like this post and it helps to find a good WordPress plugin for SEO, to minimize your confusion we have selected the top 9 best plugins. All the above plugins we selected by testing each of one and by taking reviews from the user so you can easily select from those.

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