5 best video editing software compared (2021)

what should be included in a great video software do you know? What are the great features that take into mind when you are searching for the best video editing software, what are those necessary things which make excellent video editing software?
The good software should have a great user interface because The more the user interface is good, the more user will understand it quickly.

the second thing is the quality of the video, more editing effect, color effects, animation, text effects, import and export facility, software usability its compatibility, and so on…

For Becoming a great video editor or a professional video editor one should have the best video editing software, which makes his work easier, more appreciable, and excellent.

All work of a video is depending on his talent, his creativity and most important thing is good software.

Day by the technology is changing, new techniques are coming into the market, and the quality of the software is also increasing. Day by day software designers adding more features and quality to make their users happier with their products.

When your work is supported by good software, then your work becomes even easier and fun and praise, it is very important for a good professional to have good video editing software.

So we have searched the number of software, their compatibility, their quality, features and selected five best software for you.
So let’s start

1.Premiere Pro:

compatibility: Windows, Mac


Adobe premiere pro is excellent video editing software that the industry requires nowadays. It has great features of editing that is if you want to do audio editing or video editing it is suitable for both. Premiere Pro is an industry top-line product that has an incredibly simple layout and easy-to-use interface.

premiere pro manages a different workspace for each task like if you want to do audio effects it provides a separate workspace to minimize user distraction.

You can switch at any workspace at any time by following the tabs that adobe gives at the top.

It also provides a program monitor panel that allows you to manage your project, it also provides the chronological view of the project where you can make editing, your adjustment, and so on.

Premiere Pro provides great audio editing features like noise removing, audio effects, increase or decrease reverb, adjusting bass, etc… 

Almost 75% of video editing is done on premiere pro only so you can find the majority of it.

Requirement :

  • Microsoft window 10 (64bit)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 2GB of GPU VRAM


  • Great workspace 
  • Raw support
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Multiple panels


  • Expensive 
  • Need power full system

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2.Filmora pro:

best video editing software

Compatibility: Windows, Mac


Filmora pro is a great option for a professional video editor. Filmora pro has great feature and its user interface tell more effectively that means its user interface is very good.

It has some more prebuilt animation feature which was not included in Filmora 9 or Filmora x. like premiere pro, Filmora also included multiple workspace and panels for the different task.  

Audio synchronization is very simple in filmora pro, you do not need to do it manually.Filmora Pro provides you a smooth audio synchronization, you can match your audio and video with one click only. 

Filmora provides some extraordinary features like an audio mixer, green screen, color tuning, 3D lut, split-screen, etc… 

To enhance your videos Filmora have lots of bunch of 800+ effects like animation effects, color effects, text effects, etc… 

You can export almost like any format. And you can upload your project/video on any device. 

If you are already using a Filmora product that Filmora x or Filmora 9, and if you feel that I want more customization in video editing then you can use a pro version other vises its good to use Filmora x or 9.

Requirement :


  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)


  • MacOs 10.15,MacOs 10.14, MacOs


  • Intel core i3, Intel core i5, Intel core i7


  • Ease of use
  • Good video tutorials
  •  Crashed project recovery


  • Not enough option for audio
  •  Motion tracking is not available
  • Lack of hardware acceleration

3.Davinci resolve:

Davinci-Video-editing-software-for professionals

Davinci is a major recommended product because of its modern design. its framework and interface are very modern and silky.

IT provides various color editing tools, its color correcting is excellent, it is robust, and also provides different color palettes. there are a couple of ways to edit, depends on the cameras which you are using. 

changing correction value not takes time it does quickly. davinci resolve will really help you to take your video to next level. 

If you are a beginner or new to video editing, we not recommended using it, because it required more knowledge. 

And if you are a professional and doing some professional work then your work will be more appreciable when you use Davinci resolve.

Davinci resolve is highly configurable that helps to migrate your project from other software like final cut pro etc…


  • CPU intel core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7
  • RAM 16GB
  • Media storage: SSD


  • The free version also provides lots of function
  • Wide of support of common format 
  • The output quality is fantastic


  • The user interface is quite confusing

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4.Pinnacle studio 24

    Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Pinnacle studio 24 is a great piece of software that will help you to create some complex type of projects, with lots of tools which can do complex work.

Like as all the above software, pinnacle studio 24 also have all features and tools, you can find color format, the animation you can split, rotate, trim and crop video, you can explore tools like split-screen video and stop video motion, and so on… 

It has great export and import facility, you can enjoy a drag and drop timeline. Pinnacle studios customizable features enable you to streamline your workflow.

Requirement :

  • Operating system: Windows 10(64bit)
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Storage: 8GB available space


  • Good stable interface
  • Lots of editing tools and effects
  • New additional features
  • Multicam editing 


  • Limited motion tracking


compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux


shotcut is also another best video editing software for beginners and professionals. One great thing about shotcut, is that shotcut completely open-source and free video editing software.

Because of its simplicity, anyone can handle it or use it so if you are a beginner and want to learn video editing then you can go for shotcut, You can add some basic editing like coloring, brightening, etc…

Shotcut can make a simple video editing, there are some simple video editing templates which you can use, but if you want more customization in video, more advanced video editing then you can switch to the above one.

I will recommend shotcut to those who don’t have more budget or who cannot buy a premium one then shotcut for you


  • Operating system: windows 7,10(64bit), Mac os 10.10,10.15. lynux(64bit)
  • Ram:4GB


  • Free and multiplatform
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Full-featured


  • Changing an effect value can take more time to save
  • Can’t create layer automatically

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How we can select the best video editing software?

There is a number of ways to select good video editing software, there is a number of aspects which we take in mind when we are searching for good video editing software.

As there is plenty of free software available so why we should buy a premium one?. Free software has limited resources, it have some limitation, it may have some quality issues so that a premium one is better for a serious video editor. A premium software makes works in a better way.  

Peoples who are searching for more customized and more featured software then, above all software are a good one. We have mentioned very few software, because if people have plenty of options then people get confused so that we have reduced your confusion and selected only five.

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