How to update windows 10 (Step-by-step Guide)

Maintaining your windows up-to-date can help to block viruses, which can slow your computer or laptop. If your windows are suffering from some security problem or your pc slows down then an update can solve this. Do you want to update but don’t know how to update windows 10? 

Windows provides two updates in a year, by improving their quality and performance they are well maintaining their security standards. 

Updating windows is an easy way to keep running your device securely and smoothly. When a security issue comes, then Windows makes its security more powerful and makes an update to it. by fixing different types of bugs and user issues.

Microsoft provides free updates to your system and makes automatic updates; all you have to do is restart your computer for ensuring updates. But if your system is not able to run that update automatically then you can do it manually also.

Why should update windows? 

Nowadays we see that every single software provides its update, some provide it regularly and some not, but most of it provides. Have you thought about why it is?

In today’s world, it has become very difficult to maintain security. Every day cyber attacks are being carried out by malware and hackers. Such types of situations are regularly identified by various parts of windows like internet explorer and find solutions on them an update in their OS.

Secondly is windows have some bugs in it some issues, for that also windows update is important.

And the third important part is that sometimes windows update includes some new features, to add some extra test in their product, to make the easier user interface.

What to do before updating windows

Sometimes windows can defect your data or files. You may lose your installed applications, files, software. Therefore before updating windows you need to create a backup file So that with the help of that you can restore your important files or data. If you don’t know how to create a backup then check out this guide).

How to update windows 10? Two simple methods.

You can update your windows in two ways, by visiting the Microsoft site or by using a system setting. I will explain to you both of these methods.

Methods 1

  • Step 1: Open your computer and press the windows start button (Win) and go in > setting
  • Step 2: You will see the following window. select Update & Security,
windows update setting
  • Step 3: Click on check for update, before that ensure you are on the Windows Update tab.
windows update setting
  • Step 4: If there is an available windows update, then after clicking check for update your windows begin downloading automatically.
windows update download

If your device is not able to download or if you don’t see any update then don’t worry, windows will show you this type of massage “the windows update is on its way”. It means currently your device is not compatible with an update or not ready. 

Whenever Microsoft finds that your device is ready for installation of the latest windows update. You will find an update on your device.

windows update download

Method 2

  • Step 1: Type download windows 10 on your browser and click on Update, after clicking the latest version of windows 10 begin downloading.
windows update download
  • Step 2:  Open the downloaded file and click on update now 
  • Step 3: if your device is compatible with the latest version then the following window will popup, click on Next.

Windows latest version starts downloading.

What’s new in windows 10?

New windows comes with lots of new features, security.

  • In the latest version of Windows 10, you can choose your favorite color mode, you can switch to dark or light mode.
  • When you have lots of tabs open in browser, app, or in any software, you can pin that site, app, software to your taskbar. And see previews of all tabs opened, by just hovering on that.
  • You can make your text cursor easier to find. You can splash color to your cursor.
  • You can add emoji from your keyboard itself, to do that press the windows start button + period(.)
  • You can increase/decrease pointer size and you can also change its color.
  • If you are not able to see the smaller text on the screen then you can increase the text size on the screen. You can make everything bigger.
  • You can use the Microsoft snip & sketch feature to capture screenshot more easily and save it locally.

The method mentioned above is truly easy, the easiest way to update windows is by following method one. If you know some different method than the above one then comments to us.

If you are having a problem updating your Windows, then you can comment and tell your difficulty.

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