How to stop apps from running in the background

The apps running in the background majorly affect your battery draining, which is a significant problem in most Android phones. It is a widespread frustration of every Android user. Most users experienced that their phones were getting slow and their battery draining So fast after some time. This all happens somewhat because of your apps which are running in the background. If you are also facing such types of problems, you need to stop apps which are running in the background.

How do background apps affect phones.

Battery draining is one of the most noticeable effects that occurred due to background apps. It consumes more battery, and you have to charge your battery repeatedly if you do not stop your background apps.

It also consumes your RAM and reduces the storage space. Some apps may contain malware that can end up your battery life. But don’t worry, we have some simple solutions to that.

Background apps also consume your internet data unnecessarily. Sometimes you found that your internet data suddenly runs out. This happens because of background apps.

So let’s start.

1. Check battery usage.

As you know, you can not stop all background apps because some of them may require background running. And to receive continue notification of social media apps. Social media apps should run in the background. To know which app is consuming more battery, you should check for battery usage.

To do that just follow bellow steps.

  1. Go to your phone settings app and tap on battery>battery usage. In realme OS, you can find this option in battery>power usage. You will find the total battery percentage/usage. That screen will also show you the battery percentage consumed by apps.
  2. Select most battery consumed apps, and then, you will see all apps usage data such as foreground active time, the computed power consumption, etc…
  3. After finding most battery consumed apps. Now you can disable it for running in the background. You have to enable your phone developer option. It might be hard to find a developer option.

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2. How to activate developer option

  1. Go to setting> about the phone and find the option called build number. Tap on that up to 7-10 times. Your developer option will be activated automatically.
  2. Now go to setting> additional setting and scroll down. You will find the developer options. Click on that. And if it is disabled, then enable it.
  3. Go to running services. Here you will find all apps which are currently running in the background. This screen also shows the RAM consumed by your device and apps. And you can find the apps that are draining your battery and consuming more RAM.
  4. Tap on the app that you want to stop for background running and hit on the stop button. Remember, don’t try it on essential apps/system apps. It may disturb your phone temporarily. Just select only those apps that are not very important or the apps installed by yourself.

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If you feeling the above process is somewhat tricky for you then, you can go with another method. You can stop background process by limiting them.

I.e., how many apps/processes you want to run in the background.

3. How to limit background process.

  1. As I mentioned above, enable the developer option and Go to setting> additional setting >developer option.
  2. Then find the option Background Process Limit. You will see many options. Select the limit. If you don’t want to run any apps running in the background, you can select the option No background process.

4. Bonus

Using third-party apps can be another solution to stop battery draining and background apps, giving you more extra features than regular. Greenify is one of the popular phone caring app from them.


Many people are facing problems with their battery draining. But it can be solved with some technical knowledge. Just caught up on the above step and helped yourself from this type of problem. Just learn and earn the ability.

If you have any questions/queries In mind, feel free to ask us. We all are for helping you. Comment your problem to us and Get a great solution from our team.

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