How to screen record on windows 10 (without software)

Are you a teacher, YouTuber a video maker and want to create tutorials, videos, or want to record your computer screen, but don’t know how to record screen on windows 10? Then a screen recorder helpful for this process.

There multiple ways to record your computer screen, you can record online using some online tools or by using some paid software. But If I tell you the simplest way of screen recording without using paid software or online tools then?

Why we do screen recording?

how to record the screen on windows 10? There are multiple reasons for which you record screen. It can be for recording tutorials, it for sharing our knowledge with our friends, for designing courses for selling, for recording online movies, etc…

I am going to tell you a total of four methods, by which you can do your screen recordings task. Each method has its different quality and features.

So let’s start.

  • Screen recording by using inbuilt features.
  • Screen recording by using online free tools.
  • Screen recording by free third-party software.
  • And screen recording by using some paid software.

Here is how to do screen recording in windows 10 and macOS.

1. Record screen by using inbuilt features.

Windows provides inbuilt features called game bar which is designed for recording game clips while you playing games on your PC. However it can capture your computer screen, can take screenshots, and can record audio also.

If you want to record your screen in windows 10 then only this method works very well for you. Follow the below steps to do the recording.

Step 1: To enable the screen recording feature in windows 10, to do that press on windows start button and go to Setting> Gaming> Game bar. Enable the option record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar. 

How to screen record on windows 10

Step 2: open your application or anything which you want to record, and press (win+G), after that the below window will appear.

Step 3: To start your screen recording Click on the red button, which you can see at the center. Or you can use (win+Alt+G)  After clicking on the red button you can start your recording.

How to screen record on windows 10 without software

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Step 4: After finishing recording, again press (win+G), or you can select from the popup at the top, and click on the stop button which is also red as shown in the below image. Or press (Win+Alt+R)

How to screen record on windows 10 without software

Step 5: see recorded files by clicking on the bottom notification which automatically popup, when you finished your recording.

How to screen record on windows 10 without software

If you want to see all your recorded files then go to This PC> Videos> Capture

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How to change the recording storage path?

Windows game bar does not provide an option to change the recording storage path. but still, If you are not happy with the default recording storage path then here is the solution. To do that follow the steps.

Go to This PC> videos> Capture, right-click on capture folder and go Property> Location 

And replace that with your path. 

2. Screen recording by using online free tools

how to record the screen on windows 10? There are multiple online tools/websites, chrome extensions available like online screen recorder, Apowersoft which provides screen recording features for windows and macOS also. They provide capture Screenshot features, a little bit of video editing also. 

Record your screen using Apowersoft:

Step 1: go in your browser and type Apowersoft online screen recorder, click on the first link.

Step 2: After that click on start recording and Download the Apowersoft online launcher.


Step 3: Open Apowersoft and the select area which you want to record and start recording.

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Apowersoft online screen recorder provides some more features than an inbuilt windows feature.

You can record videos, take a screenshot, make an annotation on videos and screenshot, save your video in multiple formats and record audio and video simultaneously.

If you want some extra features than some basic ones and want to record tutorials without any third-party software then an online screen recorder will be ok.

You can also record your screen by using some third-party software, which allows you to add more extra features.

3. Screen recording using free software

If you have a question that how to do screen recording in windows 10 then, you can also use free screen recording software. Most of the beginner uses them to make attractive videos recording editing, for capturing a screenshot, etc…

ScreenRec, OBS studio, and cam studio are some of the famous free screen recording software.

One of the best screen recorders that provide record screen in HD, annotation features, import/export why mail, youtube, webcam access, microphone access, easy interface, etc…

ScreenRec works on windows, macOS and Lynux

Record screen using ScreenRec

Step 1: To do screen recording by using ScreenRec, download ScreenRec and setup on your Windows or macOS.

Step 2: Open any application which you like to record and click on the recording icon as you see below the image. and select an area to record and then your recording will start in 3 seconds.

Step 3: To stop recording again click on that same icon and your recording will be recorded and saved automatically.

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Another great free screen recording software, which works like a pro.

Obs studio also works in Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

4. Screen recording with paid software

how to record the screen on windows 10? The paid are always a great option for fully professional, want to make advanced screen recording and editing, with lots of features and tools they can make you creative.

Camtasia, flashback, and Apowersoft Unlimited are some of the best screen recorders, which you can buy.

Above all methods and steps are very easy to follow, you can use all methods for macOS also, excluding the first method which will work on windows 10 only.

We hope you found this helpful, and you understood all the methods given above.

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