How To Enable Developer Mode In Android

In any Android device, the developer option taken as hiding. Reason state that the Android developer option is mainly for the only developer. But to some extent, a regular Android user also can use this feature by enabling the developer mode.

Mainly developer mode is used to limit the background apps. But instead of that, you can find many other customizable options in developer mode.

How it is helpful

Developer mode includes multiple customization settings. Like you can disable lock screen password, you can set up home screen backup password etc.

How to enable developer mode in different Android devices:

1. Take your Phone in hand. Go to Setting> About Phone.

2. Go to the about phone option and find the option called Build Number

3. Click on Build Number up to 7-10 times. Yes, you need to tap up to 7 times. After that, a pop-up will occur, and Then your developer mode will be enabled.

4. To find the developer option. Go to setting> additional Setting and scroll down. You will find the developer option.

It may be different to find a developer option on different Android devices. So you can select your Android devices and follow the steps as per your devices.

Enable developer option in Samsung.

Go to Setting> About Phone> Software Information> Build Number.

Enable developer option in Redmi phone.

Go to Setting> About Phone> MIUI Version and several times on MIUI Version.

Enable developer option in Google Pixel.

Go to Setting> System> About Phone> Build Number.

Enable developer option in OnePlus 5T..

Stetting> About Phone> Build Number.

HTC: Setting> About> Software Information> More> Build Number.

How to turn off developer mode:

Because of some region, if you want to disable or turn your mobile developer option, it is pretty simple. To do that, you need to go to the developer option and find the option on the top. Just disable it.

Now developer option turns off, but if you want to hide it, go to Additional Setting> Storage and select the setting app. You will see the uninstall app option and clear data. Just click on click on clear data.

Now the developer option is completely removed.

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Useful developer options settings:

1. Home screen backup password

In that, you can set up a full backup password. However, you can secure your phone backup.

2. Running services

Running services option shows you that all are currently running services and their uses. You can each app used RAM, available RAM and system RAM also. In this option, you can stop any particular app which consuming more CPU. It helps to recover your Phone from slowdown.

3. Background Process Limit

If your Phone is getting slow or suddenly runs out of your internet data, it might be because of background apps. But you can not stop application from running in the background to limit the background process from this option.

4. Disable app

By disabling the app option, you can disable any apps from system apps or third-party apps.

5. USB Configuration

Set default settings for USB, i.e. while connecting your USB with the laptop or any other device.

6. USB Debugging

Enabling USB Debugging helps to connect your Android Phone with other devices. With the help of this, you can connect your Android Phone with a laptop/computer through USB.

As I said earlier, developer mode is made for the developer. Still, you can use it very smartly as many customization options are available in that so you can make a modified version of your mobile.

You can use USB debugging to connect your Phone with pc or laptop. You can prevent some battery draining problem by keep stopping background apps and many more.

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