How to clean phone memory in android (2 simple ways)

How it is important?

Is your phone is full of junk and running slowly. Maintain your phone as much as clean, this can be the solution for that. as like our home, we maintain it clean and beautiful. Just like that, you should also maintain your phone clean and virus-free As a result, your phone will work smoothly and consistently. How to clean phone memory in android (2 simple ways)

Is maintaining your phone clean is hard?

Cleaning your phone is not that hard process if you know the right way of doing this. Now you will say that “yes it is an easy process, just install any phone memory cleaning app and it will do automatically. Ok your correct but, when you install any app, that app also consumes your phone storage. And we are discussing how to clean phone memory not how to increase it.

Some of the Android phones provide their own prebuilt phone cleaning apps but, some of them not provides this.

Let’s forget it. installing a phone cleaning app is can be another solution, we will discuss it later but, we have another solution on that. You can clean phone memory by following some easy steps. I think this feature is included in almost all Android phones so don’t worry about that.

So Let’s start.

  • First Step: take your Android phone in hand and go to settings and find the option additional setting.
  • Second Step: after going into an additional setting go to storage, where you will find phone storage information. Like maximum, used space, and unused space. You will find all your system and other apps and how many storage spaces they have consumed.
before cleaning
  • Third Step 3: to delete unnecessary data consumed by apps, you just need to click on each app one by one, you will see the space consumed by apps and their data. Just click on clear data. Your app’s data will be cleaned.
after cleaning

you will find your phone’s memory is releasing its space. Just see images of before and after clearing apps data.

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Ignore clearing photo app data, if you have some very important data you can delete unnecessary photos manually. By going into the photo app. and if you want to just clear memory then no problem.

Note: while clearing social media apps data you will be logged out from your all social media apps. so if you remember your ID and Password then only clear their data.

Clean your phone memory using other apps.

If the above method is not helpful for you and wants some extra features then you can use this method also.

As I said installing an app is also a better solution for cleaning phone memory or storage. But as always you may confuse about which one to select.

Best phone cleaning apps for Android.

  1. Ccleaner
  2. Norton Clean
  3. SD made
  4. Droid Optimizer

There is multiple apps provider which provides phone cleaning services but, Ccleaner or Norton Clean can be best ones as I experienced those.

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1). Ccleaner:

I think Ccleaner is the one-stop solution for cleaning phone memory and maintaining your phone clean and junk-free.

Over 50M download on the play store it is becoming the number one solution in phone cleaning.

Ccleaner can boost your phone speed by free up phone storage space, with just a few clicks you can clean your phone storage/memory.


  • Speed up your phone
  • Clean junk, application cache, browser history.
  • Stop apps running in the background.
  • Monitor your phone system.

2) Norton Clean:

Norton clean is another best app for cleaning phone junk and removing clutter from Android phones. It removes residual files and optimizes memory.

If you do not have enough space, for taking more pictures don’t worry. Norton Clean can sweep the unnecessary files from your phone.


  • you can clear the cache by simple clicks
  • Remove junks
  • Helps to remove apk files.
  • Clean individual app cache

How to use Ccleaner to clean phone memory.

  • First step: open your play store or app store and download the Ccleaner app and install it.
  • Second step: click on get started.
  • Third step: if you want the pro version of Ccleaner then you can upgrade it. Otherwise, click on continue with ads. Ccleaner will show your phone used space and free space.
  • Fourth step: click on start here and click on give us access. It will ask for permission, allow all, and continue.
  • Fifth step: now you can scan your phone junk by clicking on scan junk.

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  • Six steps: it will show you a Quick Clean Review. You can select additional apps to clean. And you can check or uncheck apps by clicking on the visible cache. Click on finish cleaning. Your phone cache and will be cleaned.


Do you know most of the phones/mobile run smoothly for only 1 or 2 years? After that, a somewhat hanging problem comes and your phone gets slow. These all happen because we don’t take care of it.
We just use it continuously, Without cleaning it. As a result, your phone gets filled with junk and garbage.

Use the above simple techniques and steps and free up phone memory and junk.

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  1. For taking care of your phone. You should take clean your phone as much as possible. Use some cleaning apps or you can do it manually.


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