How can I run Android apps on Windows 10?

Do you want to run any android apps on the Windows 10 platform or want to play an android game on a big screen? Running an Android application is not a big deal nowadays. Previously it was painful to run an android on windows, windows providing regular updates and thus they made it simple and easy.

When it comes to installing the android app on pc, There is various methods to run android apps on windows 10, but we are going to cover some easy and head ace remover methods. this method required windows 10 for a proper solution. if you are not updated your windows then update it first.

  • By accessing your phone on windows.
  • Run android apps by installing third-party software.
  • Enjoy the android app by using chrome extensions.

1. By accessing your phone on windows

Windows provides some prebuilt features by which you can connect your phone to your pc. Creating a mirror image of your phone can be the best option to run an android application on windows.  

By this method you can access anything which you want; if you want to chat, want to access files, want to copy some item from your phone to computer you can do it very easily.

To do that, follow the given steps:

Step 1: download your phone app from the Microsoft store and also install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: turn on your device Bluetooth 

Step 3: just launch your phone app on windows and select android and click on continue.


Step 4:  login with your Microsoft account. Then a QR code will appear.


Step 5: Install and open your phone companion app on your phone and click on “ is there QR code on your PC”. 


Step 6: Click on allow the button to scan the QR code.

Step 7: open that QR code and scan it by your phone. Make sure your phone Bluetooth is on.

Step 8: click on continue and keep continue with allow permission. 

Now your phone is connected with your pc, you can enjoy it by accessing your android app. This is one of the simple way to run/access the android app on a windows pc.

2. Run android apps by using Bluestacks emulator.

There are various emulators available in the market by which you can run android apps on windows whether it is windows 7,8 or 10. but, the BlueStacks emulator can be a great solution.

With lots of features and over 2M+ game library, it makes it one of the popular emulators in the market.

With the BlueStacks emulator, you will get a play store experience. You need to just download the app and after that, you can enjoy it. 

For a smoother gaming experience, BlueStacks provides consistent FPS (used to measure the frame rate of the video game). 

Bluestack upgraded its services and provided echo mode on/off facility in the latest BlueStack 5. As a result, you can minify your system CPU uses. So I think it will better to use.

BlueStack requirement:

Microsoft windows 7 or above, 2GB Ram, 5GB Disk space, up to date graphics drivers.

To run android apps using BlueStacks follow the steps:

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks emulator from the BlueStacks website and run it.

Step 2: by default, Bluestacks select C-drive as storage path but you can change the storage path and then click on install. It will take some minutes to download. 


Step 3: After installing BlueStacks, start it and it will ask to sign in with your Google PlayStore. You can sign in or you can skip it for later but, if you are using BlueStacks regularly then sign in with google PlayStore is better.


Now your BlueStack is ready to use, enjoy it. If you want to play any android games on pc then an android emulator is best for you.


3. Enjoy the android app by using chrome extensions.

Want to run android apps on your Windows 10 but don’t want to install an emulator, don’t worry in the same token, you can still use the android app on your pc, by Using some great chrome extension. You might not know this but an online emulator can help a lot. That can be a light solution than the above methods.

But this online emulator comes with some limitations.

Step 1: open a new tab and click on the icon of the app in the top left corner. 

Step 2: Open the chrome web store and search for an online android emulator just click on it and then click on add to chrome.


Step 3: open your extension bar and click on the android online emulator and then click on run the android online emulator.

Step 3: after adding it to chrome, some of the google apps are preinstalled in your emulator. If you want to add a new app then you can do that.


There are also other ways to install android apps on windows 10. like you can install an android OS on your pc. But this method is not very proven or we can say that not that feasible. So that we have not included it in our list. We have selected the best method, to minify your head ace over finding the solution for android apps on pc or windows 10.

If you find a good solution for the above question then do comment us, or If you know some good solution for running an android app on windows then do comment. 

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