9 best WordPress membership plugin compared (2021)

Hey, are you looking for a good WordPress membership plugin, you want to switch your site into a membership site. To optimize your readers…A good membership plugin will be a great key for your lock, choosing the best plugin will simplify or minimize your hard work.

While creating a membership site, the very first question comes to mind is that, which WordPress membership plugin we should use? Or which are the best WordPress plugin for membership sites?  

In this article, we are going to suggest the top most popular and best WordPress membership plugin which can improve your business growth.

A membership plugin can be used for the following reasons.

  • For online courses 
  • Online communities 
  • For e-commerce 
  • Login and registration.
  • quiz purpose
  • For live streaming 
  • For associations 

A membership can help to take access our premium content to our true members only. you can take premium content behind the payment gateway.

As a result of using a WordPress membership plugin you can restrict your contents, and you can maintain the value of your content and priorities as well. You can secure content from fake readers and data hackers.

What to look for in a good membership plugin?

There are various points which we should look for a good WordPress membership plugin, it depends on what types of website you are going to design. Either it is for an e-commerce site or it is for an online course site or a community site etc…

For any other site, if you want a membership plugin you should look at some features like.

Membership levels- the very first feature that we should think it should be membership levels. There are two types of membership level, one is tiered and the second one is distinct

If you want like silver, gold, platinum levels so these are tiered types. If you want your all levels should be different from each other then distinct is the type for you.

There is a various plugin available which provides both levels, and some of them provide only one, therefore, you have to decide these first.

sync, we have covered all the features in this article, all about membership plugins uses, what features they have, how they efficient for your business or site.

As always, here is the list of toppers.

  1. Memberpress
  2. Restrict content pro
  3. S2member
  4. Paid membership pro
  5. Ultimate membership pro
  6. Membermouse
  7. Armember
  8. Private content
  9. WP members

1. Memberpress


For creating a new brand membership site or switching your site into a premium membership site, MemberPress is one of the best solutions to start.

Memberpress is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins in the market nowadays, because of its multiple addons and features it moving toward the topmost plugin.

It gives all the necessary features required for a course membership, quiz membership, etc…

By creating multiple membership types you can charge for each membership. And you can also restrict your valuable content from the user which is not your member.

You do not need to worry about payment gateways, Memberpress provides multiple payment gateways and simple setup integration. you just need to set up any payment gateways which you want.

If you want your site to look like a premium one and flexible with any theme then Memberpress is for you.


  • Memberpress provides an extremely easy setup, you can use it by following some easy steps.
  • Its powerful access control helps to restrict your content per page, by post, etc…
  • With the help of “easily build and sale” features, you can easily design your courses and sell them.
  • Memberpress provides a Coupon facility which is helpful to run your promotions and giveaway. You can create as many coupons as you want.
  • You can create your own Community, by integrating different WordPress forum plugins.  
  • Memberpress also helps with creating different dynamic pricing pages. 
  • It flexible with any WordPress theme can work with a different type of theme.
  • It provides a clear report on how much money you bringing in and which product is selling more which not.
  • Memberpress provides you all popular payment gateways like PayPal, stripe, etc…
  • it not only provides a user manual that helps to solve your problem but also provides extreme user support.


 The plan starts at $149 per year. Visit site

2. Restrict content pro


Restrict content pro is another great solution if you want to a good membership site or membership plugin for WordPress. With its lots of features, you can make a stunning membership site.

Restrict content pro comes from the same team behind easy digital downloads and Affiliate WP which are already known and popular plugins.

It allows you to create unlimited membership levels, in addition, you can also create free, paid, and premium level membership. You can generate multiple discount codes to attract your audience for getting a membership.

By integrating with different types of popular e-commerce plugins like, woo-commerce you can easily control who can see and purchase your products.

Restrict content pro provides a bunch of add-ons like dripped content, site creation, group accounts, custom redirects, and more.


  • Multiple level memberships are paid and free.
  • Popular e-commerce integration.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Import/export member’s data, generate CSV files.
  • Generate Multiple discount coupons/code 
  • Bunch of add-ons to get great finishing. 


The plan start at $99 for the first year, renews at $129 per year.

3. S2member


S2member is Another popular WordPress plugin for membership. in that you can protect whatever you want, it allows you to protect your post, pages, comment, URIs, etc…, in like manner you can also protect particular content within a post, pages, themes, or plugin.

It provides a custom registration form, login form and also provides a custom email template.

With the help of great affiliate program integration, you can launch your affiliate program. It also provides mailing list integration, bbPress/BuddyPress integration.

You can create unlimited paid membership levels, multiple payment gateways help the user to pay in any way. As with the above plugin you can create coupons.

A great advantage of s2member is that you have to pay only once and you will lifetime access.


  • Multiple payment method integrations.
  • Multiple content restriction options.
  • Brute-force login protection.
  • Affiliate program integration.
  • Antispam security measures.


Provides free version; pro version starts at $89 one time

4. Paid membership pro


Next, paid membership pro is another great WordPress membership plugin, which can restrict your content using different types of algorithms.

It provides almost all popular payment gateways like PayPal, stripe, etc…so you need not worry about payment gateways.

Paid membership pro also provides a recurring payment option. You can collect recurring payments from your members.

Many users nowadays using paid membership pro, because of its magic features of subscription. It provides the best level subscription types. So you do not need to worry about your subscription. 

You can allow the user to hold multiple memberships by providing unique pricing and content for each level.

Paid membership pro provides a list view, reports of members. You can collect user data by their membership levels.

paid membership can integrate with most of the popular plugins, like mailchip, zapier, woo-commerce, etc…

You can set up your site for accepting the offline application and you can process online for the offline community.  


  • Flexible membership pricing.
  • You can accept recurring payments and subscriptions. 
  • Multiple payment gateways and payment methods.
  • You can offer a free or reduced trial period.
  • Setup discount for the user for each membership level.
  • It provides clear admin reports.
  • You can manage your own affiliate program.
  • Flexible with any theme.


You can use the free version also, paid version starts at $297 per year

5. Ultimate membership pro:


So, another membership plugin in the list of our Favorite, is the ultimate membership pro, if you want to switch your site to a premium membership site then ultimate membership pro can fulfill all your necessary needs.

It provides all necessary requirements, required for a membership site.

A user can easily register and become a member all from the front end of the site. Ultimate membership pro combines a beautiful front end with powerful admin functionality. Which will help to create a beautiful user-based website.

You can add a beautiful user profile to the WordPress site which is fully customizable. Like you can remove the cover photo, you can highlight user info, you can control user display name, etc…

You can create multiple user types, by providing multiple user roles.


  • Navigation menu visibility-allows you to display different menus, depending on who is currently on your site. 
  • Customizable email- ultimate membership provide customizable email to be sent for particular action happen.
  • Form builder-drag and drop form builder makes it extremely easy to create unique forms.
  • Access control- it helps to restrict your content or site globally or on each post basis.
  • User account- it allows members to manage their accounts like changing passwords, etc…
  • Directory- ultimate members member directory allow the member to find each other.
  • User role- you can create multiple user roles.


Plan start at $49

6. Membermouse


Another great competitor in the market of WordPress membership plugin is the member mouse, used for selling products, for protecting content, and more helpful for managing members.

Membermouse comes with lots of features and add-ons, which are quite ok for a membership site. it provides you 14 days free trial which great one to compare the plugin features and quality.

Its simple and easy setup, simple member import, and multiple payment gateways making it more popular. Its immense flexibility and bunch of customization option can make more enjoyable. 

If you are an enterprise and worried about product sailing, then member mouse includes the most powerful tools to scale or maximize your revenue.  

Protecting or restricting your content for specific user membermouse provides you different types of membership levels based on your requirement.


  • Multiple payment gateways and methods
  • More tools for maximizing product revenue.
  • Easy installation and customized front end.
  • Set up different types of membership levels.
  • Restrict content on pages, posts, products, videos, or a whole site.
  • Setup recurring subscription and payment.
  • Enjoy a Free and paid trial.
  • Create discount coupons and use Gifting functionality.
  • Affiliate program facility and support. 
  • Work with any theme.


Use a free trial plan that start at $29 per month.

7. armember


Armember is another popular WordPress membership plugin which mainly focuses on restricting content by providing a simple and easy user interface. It Provides all types of restrictions.

Armember provides multiple membership levels, members’ transaction history. And also provides multiple payment gateways to simplify your user’s payment.

You can create a fully dynamic registration, login form with the help of Armember’s form builder.

With the dripping content features, you can enjoy the process of delaying the release of content on your membership site.

Armember’s setup wizard and unique features may amaze you, you can integrate your membership plans, registration forms, payment gateways, and so on with a single shortcode.


  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Unique import/export setting.
  • One-time and recurring payment option.
  • Multiple membership levels.
  • Brute force login protection.
  • Best security option to ban a user.


plan start at $49

8. Private content


Next, a powerful solution to membership plugin for WordPress is private content which gives a solution to boost WordPress and turning your site into a multilevel membership platform.

By restricting your pages, posts, menus, categories, content, comments even you can secure/restrict your whole site with one click.

Private content shines more when it comes to native Google analytic integration which helps to make a targeted market campaign.

Private content can integrate with most of the popular page builders like Elementor, visual composer to give the best user experience.

By adding a bunch of add-ons you can attract your user more. 


  • Flexible in Multilanguage.
  • Fast and efficient support.
  • Import/export user data.


plan start at $25

9. WP members 

The next topper in the list of toppers is WP members to switch your site into a premium membership site. The WordPress membership plugin can protect your content by arranging it into different membership levels. 

If are you running a business but you don’t have time to manage your member, don’t worry I am happy to say that a good plugin for “WP members”.


  • Restrict content as the basis of pages, posts, or custom post types.
  • Provide free and premium features.
  • Integrate with a popular plugin like woo-commerce.
  • Setup invite code.
  • PayPal and Mailchimp integration.
  • Allow users to manage their profile.
  • Display user list on-site front end.
  • User tracking (on which pages user are more visiting)




All plugins that we mentioned above are great WordPress membership plugins, we selected these plugins by researching, taking reviews from multiple users, and selected some of the best. but if are steel confusing for which one to select then.

Memberpress is almost the most featured plugin which has all the necessary features which are required for a good membership site.

If you want to sell your courses online by creating a membership site then, restrict content pro is definitely a good solution for you.

We hope you enjoyed this article and you find the best WordPress membership plugins. We hope we answered all of your questions.

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