7 Best Water Drink Reminder (No More Dehydration)

If you are too busy to remember having to drink water enough and regularly. If you need someone to remind you to drink water, then there are several such drink water reminder which helps to remind drink enough and track your Daly consumes.

Today’s life is becoming more hectic and getting busier. Due to these busy schedule, Many people are unable to pay attention to their body. As such, drink enough water is necessary for our body. And you can take care of it by using a drink water reminder.

This drink water reminder reminds you to drink water regularly as your body needs in a day. Some people exercise a lot, and so that their body needs more water than normal people, so, based on your body weight, height, age, and lots of other factors, it decides how much you need and how much your body has consumed.

There are lots of competition in such apps and apps providers, but here we found some of the best ones for you. Using them over 15-20 days and considering and comparing some of the genuine users positive and negative reviews, and selected more useful and top drink water reminder.

Here is the best drink water reminder.

1. Water reminder by recorder & smart apps

drink water reminder

This app is one of the toppers on the list. With lots of body majoring factors and smart reminder activities, and health caring nature, this water reminder stays on the top.

You need to download the application and enter the info as the app ask. Like your gender and weight and magic happen. It calculates how much water you need to drink daily.

You can also set your Daly goal to reach and find the history of your water consumption. You can share with friends, which may be an inspiration for them.


  • Gender and weight wise differentiation.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Use over 20 different drinks.
  • Set Daly goals
  • Provides achievements to encourage.

2. Water drink reminder by leap fitness


The second one is water drink reminder by leap fitness tracks your Daly intake and helps to remind when and how much you should take.

Best water intake tracker and reminder app that was gaining people’s attention by providing lots of body water intake tracker help you stay hydrated.

Over 10M download on playstore, it is staying on top 2 ranks. We are not recommending it because of its download. We were recommending it because people love its features and interface.

  • Features:
  • It reminds you that how much to drink.
  • Customize water intake.
  • It shows the graph of schedule, intake history.
  • Login with Google
  • Take Back up your history.

3. Water Tracker & Diet


Drink water reminder tracker, and diet is easy to use and attractive interface water reminder. It helps to stay hydrated every day by tracking your water diet.

You can automatically track your necessary daily water intake according to weight. And get a lot of benefits from that.


  • Log Daly by a single tap.
  • Calculate the Daly goal process.
  • Different customizable units.
  • Less memory consuming.

4. Hydro coach


You can use Hydro coach as your secretary to determine your body and say, hey boss, time to drink water.

Hydro coach another best hydration tracker app for Android. With a bunch of extra features and an easy handling interface. It can make your habit to drink enough water and helps to monitor weight, even since your water intake Fitbit Samsung health and Google fit.

You can decide to customize Target or calculate by entering your weight, age and lifestyle and weather.

It provides Highly customizable drinks, and you can change colour, name it or create your own as you like.


  • Pro-user can Adopt it with an automatic weather forecast.
  • Useful for pregnant ones.
  • Personal goal calculator.
  • Highly customizable drinks.
  • Get a detailed analysis of intake.

5. Drink water reminder hydration app


Easy health groups Drink water reminder hydration app is included with all the features that a water reminder app should consist of.
A good product to be considered in the list of best water reminder, Does what it set for. It helps to remind for drink enough water and track Daly intake.

One major advantage of these is that the hydration app is completely free, and there is no premium version.


  • Easy to use and handle.
  • An encourages interface.
  • Remind you to drink and track intake, Daly.

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6. Drink water reminder by drink water reminder app.


It reminds you of your Daly routine and helps to build a healthy drink water habit. With its lots of feature, you can calculate your Daly water consumption need by simply entering your weight, gender and activity levels.

Drink water reminder app records your intake history automatically, which helps to adust your Daly consumption.
Set start and end time to avoid reminder at night.


  • Age, gender and weight-based calculation.
  • Includes 24 different drinks to customize.
  • Vivid grafics representation
  • Appropriate water reminder timer.
  • Automatic history recorder.

7. Waterful


Waterful provides all the feature like premium for free, and it calculates your Daly water need by considering the weight, gender, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even it also considers the activities you do and weather conditions.

You can set up an automatic water alarm or customize it. In addition, you can set wake up and bedtime. So you don’t need to place a separate alarm for that.


  • Various collection of drink for quick add.
  • Customize icon, colour, hydration level.
  • See details pictorial history of intake and all.

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