7 Best SMS Scheduler For Android(Schedule Text, calls)

Day by day, the environment is rapidly changing, and the behavior of leaving is also changing. Face-to-face talking environment converted into chat and video calls. Nowadays, everyone has a phone and everyone is using social media to interact with each other. People like to text, like to calls, and video call.

Peoples are busy with their schedules, an average person also has busy schedules sometimes, and in this busy schedule, they forget to call someone, SMS someone, or email. And the problem arises. scheduling SMS in your android can help lot.

And because of all these reasons, they have to be bothered, but if you can survive from all of them, why you don’t use an SMS scheduler?. You can schedule your SMS, calls, and emails. Luckily there are plenty of ways by which you can schedule your text. Sms scheduler app is one of them.

Several people are using such applications nowadays which can schedule their work. And Sending a message to someone at a particular time is also on the list.

There is multiple SMS scheduler which can send automatic text messages in any android devices. But the question is which one to select, don’t worry. This article will tell the seven best SMS scheduler apps for Android that you can consider for your use.

7 best SMS/text scheduler apps for Android.

  1. Do It Later
  2. Auto message
  3. Skedit scheduling app
  4. Phone schedule by
  5. SMS auto-reply text messages
  6. Pulse SMS
  7. Textra SMS

1. Do It Later:


Do it later is an SMS scheduler app that helps to schedule text and automate text messages for SMS, emails, social messaging apps, and calls.

Over 5 lac download, it is becoming one the popular text scheduler app on the play store. It is more likely used by customer service.


  • Auto response to message chat, calls, etc.
  • Schedule text as per time.
  • Choose recurring text messages to send.
  • Send to multiple recipients at a time.
  • Simulate fake calls and control.
  • Free download play store.

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2. Auto message


You just set up time and date and type your messages and go and sleep. The auto message does remaining very attractive. It automates and schedules your text as per your requirement.

The second best SMS scheduler in the list. Over 1lac download on play store, it is also becoming popular for those troubling in scheduling text.


  • Auto send SMS
  • Auto reply to phone calls
  • Schedule auto-response to emails.
  • Use group alarm task.

3. Skedit scheduling app

Skedit is an All-in-one scheduling app. This app is developed basically for Whatsapp users. It can schedule all in the WhatsApp app. As we know, WhatsApp does not provide a message scheduling feature, so Skedit is for that.

Because of easy to use interface and Over 10 lac downloads on playstore, it is becoming everyone’s favorite scheduling app nowadays.


  • Schedule text, calls, and post in WhatsApp
  • Control fake and unwanted calls, SMS.
  • Automate your emails as per your time.

4. Phone schedule.


Phone schedule is Another best app to schedule your text message. Calls the timer. It works as your phone secretary helps to set up your emails, message timer.

It reminds you of essential facts and helps you schedule and arrange your work with the time you can set it as an exercise reminder and other Daly activities.


  • Schedule call timer
  • you can set message timer, music timer.
  • Schedule timer for other message apps.
  • Recurring timer set.

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5. Textra SMS.


Textra SMS is one of my favorite message app that comes with lots of features. It gives a thoroughly modern user interface.

A 180+ material design theme includes app icon, bubble, quick SMS replier, and SMS scheduler feature.

You can customize whatever you want, like changing the theme, change icon color, message background color, etc.


  • Send images, emojis, and so on.
  • Included 3000+ emoji and stickers.
  • Schedule SMS as per your time.
  • Fast and easy interface.

6. Pulse SMS


The next topper in the list of text schedulers is pulse SMS. It provides a whatsapp messenger feature known for its easy user interface and multiple options to send messages and post.

One significant advantage of using pulse SMS is that pulse SMS provides end-to-end encryption. You never need to worry about your privacy.


  • Fast, easy, and customizable.
  • End to end encrypted.
  • Send text, images, emojis, and so on.

7. SMS auto-reply text messages


Last but not least is the SMS auto-reply message. It includes all features with which you will love to interact. You can schedule your text in any messenger app like Whatsapp, Facebook, telegram Google Hangouts, etc.

You can set multiple text replies for incoming messages for different modes such as driving, meeting, etc.


  • Schedule text in any messenger app.
  • Personalize list, group, contact
  • Set Recurring reply Daly, weekly.
  • A single click on-off switch.

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As we know, today’s life is hectic. Busy with their work, family, or anything, so scheduling a text message, the call has been helpful to manage the thinks. But schedule features are not included in all Android devices, but the SMS scheduler is the option.

Multiple apps have their advantages and disadvantages, but studying their pros and cons, we have selected some of the useful apps for you. Steel confuse to select the best use Do It Later, our best-recommended apps from all.

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