12 best free and paid screen recording software (2021)

Do you want to record your computer/laptop screen?. Or worried about how to record the computer screen? Good screen recording software can solve your problem. 

Recording screen can be a big problem, for who don’t know how to do that, sometimes when we are going to teach by recording a video that time we may also need to record our computer screen, so screen recording software can minimize your work.

There are many reasons for which we record screen, if you are a student and going for an online class, then you may need to record your tutorial, for doing online meeting, for making tutorials, etc… 

as the technology changes, software quality, their user interface is also improving, nowadays there are plenty of options available with the help of that we record screens.

Here we can compare both online tools vs. desktop software

The basic difference is that an online tool wants a stable internet connection to continue our recording. in desktop software this is not needed.

Desktop software has more great features to record and edit, which is less in online tools.

Desktop software is the best for those who make tutorials or screen recordings regularly.  

There are much software are in the market, but confusing about which one to select? We are researched plenty among them and selected the best for you.

What to look at in good screen recording software?


  • Good screen recording software should have good recording quality.
  • It should have a zoom-in zoom-out feature, object highlight features.
  • Audio recording facility is there, it should include multiple tabs recording.
  • It can be Capture footage from any other resources.
  • It should have an import/export facility.


  • For creating a good video, screen recording software should have great video quality. A good video quality introduces us. 
  • Quality should be great and length also should be less. if I run for good quality ignoring its length/size, it will also not good for us.


  • The software which we are going to purchase or install, we should check its compatibility also.
  • You should also check Its requirements 

We have selected all these software by remembering all the above points in mind, and checked their quality, we have checked features and compatibility. We covered all these points in this article.

So as always here is the list of toppers:

  1. Camtasia 
  2. FlashBack 
  3. Apowersoft Unlimited
  4. Movavi screen recorder
  5. Debut video capture
  6. Screencast-O-Matic
  7. Icecream Screen Recorder
  8. ScreenRec
  9. OBS Studio
  10. Cam studio 
  11. TinyTake
  12. Share X

1. Camtasia

Compatibility: Windows, macOS


TechSmith’s Camtasia is a very advanced video editing and screen recording software with tons of advanced tools. You can record any kind of tutorials, presentations. It also has tools for gradient color, green screen effects.

You can highlight or zoom any part of the video, whether you are teaching online or recording tutorials. you can record calls, website, PowerPoint, and export video by converting in any format.

Key Features:

  • A prebuilt video template can minimize your work.
  • Easy user interface and easy configuration.
  • Almost anything on the screen can be recorded.
  • Add sound effects and royalty-free music. 
  • Record audio from microphone and system.
  • You can your Access PC webcam 
  • You can import/export any media file like video, audio.
  • Premade animation helps to make work more appreciable.
  • Audio editing facility.


Free trial, Plan start at $302 one time.

2. FlashBack 

Compatibility: windows


Flashback is Another good software for screen recording with webcam access, With microphone access, you can record videos, audios. Enhance your recording by adding the caption, arrows, images, etc…

If you are a YouTuber or want to make professional videos then, Flashback allows you to add commentary and music which can help to shine.  

You can save your work/video in any format and can upload it on YouTube.

Flashback provides free as well as a paid version by making some sort of limitations in the free version. All advanced features were added in the pro version.

Key Features:

  • Easy sharing 
  • Record movie with no watermark.
  • Add webcam footage in your recording.
  • Video editing with best effects.
  • Save videos in any format.


Free; pro version starts at $49 1 PC. Free 30-day trial.

3. Apowersoft Unlimited 

Compatibility: windows, macOS

The next Software in the list of screen recording is Apowersoft unlimited, this is a powerful screen recorder, video recorder audio mixer.

 It allows you to connect your wireless devices like android devices, iPhone devices with your pc. You can capture your video, audio, mobile devices, microphones simultaneously.

When you connect your smart devices to your pc, it becomes very easy for you to record multiple devices. So it is a very great feature of Apowersoft Unlimited.

Apart from connecting wireless devices, you can download, convert multiple videos and can do basic editing of your video, audio, and mixing.

You can record your microphone, capture screenshots, add text, and can do multiple tasks.

Key features:

  • Convert various video formats as you want.
  • Record multiple Screens at a time.
  • Record streaming video, audio, Tvshows, and movies.
  • Access mobile devises on pc.
  • Create your video with excellent effects and prebuilt templates


The plan starts at $59.95/year.

4. Movavi screen recorder

Compatibility: Windows, macOS.


Do you want to record video tutorials, your streaming videos, your phone, etc… the Movavi screen recorder is for you.

The next topper in the list is the Movavi screen recorder, used for recording webinars, online calls, and for recording video tutorials.  

You can use it for video screen capturing, for recording with a microphone, capturing face with a webcam, and also record your internal sound.

For making your video more interactive, you can draw on video during the recording. draw various shapes like rectangles, circles, or whatever you want.

it allows you to share your work directly on YouTube, Google drive. You can also share the link with your friends.

Movavi screen recorder provides a free version for windows users, you can record your screen, audio and also can do basic editing. But there are some limitations.

Key features:

  • Record screen and audio simultaneously or separately.
  • Capture webcam.
  • Draw on videos.
  • Save your clip in full HD.
  • Convert video in a different format.


Basic Plan Start at $27.63 Lifetime access 1 pc.

5. Debut video capture

Compatibility: Windows, macOS.

NCH software Debut video capture is Another great software for screen recording. you can record video, capture your screen from various recording devices and webcam also.

You can make your video more attractive by applying video effects and color effects.

Debut video capture provides both free as well as the paid version, if you want to use it at home then the free version can be helpful. It allows you to upload/download videos in avi, wmv, flv, mp4, mpg, and MOV format.


  • Capture video from webcam, network IP, etc…
  • You can zoom in/zoom out any specific area.
  • It allows Microphone and speaker access.
  • Record screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Upload videos directly on a platform like Vimeo, YouTube.
  • You can record games.
  • The screen selection option gives the way of recording.


Plan start $29.99 single installation license.

6. Screencast-O-Matic

Compatibility: WindowsmacOS

Screencast-O-Matic is the best budget and easy-to-use screen recording software, it can make you tasteful by serving an excellent bunch of features. It provides screen recording, video animation, multiple annotation features, and so on…

It gives the option to record video from your webcam and you can narrate by accessing your microphone. Save your video file and share them directly on YouTube.

Key Features:     

  • Record audio-video simultaneously, with webcam and microphone.
  • It allows zoom-in or out to focus on a specific area.
  • Take an excellent look with Animating videos.
  • You can add different shapes, arrows, text to the recording.
  • It allows you to add, edit your system audio or music.
  • Share your work on various platforms like YouTube. 


Free; paid plan start at $19 per year  

7. Icecream Screen Recorder

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android.

Icecream is a screen recorder that enables you to record any part of your screen and can take a screenshot also. It makes it simple to record videos, apps, games, webinars, live streaming, and online calls.

You can record audio/video by accessing your microphone and webcam and can share on various platforms like YouTube, Dropbox and Google drive with few clicks.

Trim recording features make it more popular, you can trim any unnecessary part of video after recording.


  • The mouse effect helps to zoom-in/zoom-out the screen.
  • it can change video in multiple formats
  • You can manage recording speed.
  • You can hide desktop icons or cursors during recording.
  • It has a bunch of articles to teach you.


The plan starts at $29 for a lifetime 

Best free screen recording software 

8. ScreenRec

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux.

 If you are a beginner and looking for a free screen recorder then ScreenRec is the best free and open-source software for screen recording, which provides some excellent features like recording video/audio by providing microphone access.

Like CamStudio, you can record the screen in HD quality with a single click, and You can share recorded videos by email or some other app. 

You can design your screenshot by annotation feature by adding text and arrows.


  • No watermark 
  • Screen captures can be uploaded on the cloud.
  • You can record your voice and PC audio simultaneously. 
  • Record with webcam plus screen.
  • You Select the screen area to record.
  • With Video analytics you can see details statistic of each video.
  • It has an Automatic subtitles generator. 

9. OBS Studio

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux


Nowadays making videos and streaming has come along way, every day you need more tools to manage your video and record on screen, for that you required a new tool, and it been very expensive to buy every tool but that is where OBS studio comes in play.

OBS Studio is one of the most popular free and open-source software for screen recording, video recording, and live streaming and also for recording your games. 

It allows you to capture a particular block of a screen or whole screen recording. its tons of features that help like a pro.

You can create unlimited scenes using multiple sources like access webcams, access microphone, and so on.

It provides full control with the VST plugin, its intuitive audio mixer makes your audio quality better.

Apart from intuitive audio mixer features, it also has a live streaming facility with the help of that you can capture your live recording like live teaching, etc…

If you are looking to record your desktop or game then don’t look further, OBS studio is widely considered for more advanced users.

Key Feature:

  • Set an unlimited number of scenes.
  • High performance and video, audio mixing features,
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Streamlined setting panels.
  • Modular dock helps to rearrange the layout.

10. Cam studio

Compatibility: windows.

Cap studio is free and fully open-source screen recording software that allows recording audio and video simultaneously, By accessing your webcam and microphone.

You can record the whole screen or using the cursor you can select a part of the screen to record. Its video annotation features make your video more attractive.

Cam studio provides an easy interface, so you don’t need to worry about the learning phase.


  • Record audio-video simultaneously.
  • Using video annotation you can add your text, images.
  • You can access the webcam.
  • Zoom-in/zoom-out feature helps to focus on the specific part.
  • No recording length limit.
  • No watermark
  • Set a time frame to stop recording whenever you want.

11. TinyTake

Compatibility: WindowsmacOS

TinyTake is user-friendly easy to use free and open-source screen recording software, it is built up with some essential features required for screen capturing and recording.

You can capture videos and images of your computer screen and them with others in minutes. TunyTake is mainly known for its speed in capturing things.

This is very good for those who are doing online customer support work or who want to take a quick response to others by capturing images or videos.

Key features:

  • Record video/audio using a webcam and microphone.
  • You can capture a specific region or entire screen.
  • You can add arrows, text shape to images and share
  • Zoom-in zoom-out feature helps to target a specific area.
  • It allows assigning custom short keys.

12. Share X

Compatibility: windows

share x software-for-screen-recording

Share x includes a bunch of features for capturing your screen and many shortcuts setting to easy screen capturing and recording.

The share x is very lightweight and easy to download, which required minimal resources.

It includes Some excellent features like capture screenshots, annotates, and an option for upload on a different platform. 


  • Offers recording and screen capture.
  • Lots of sharing and uploading options.
  • Multiple annotation tools, like shapes, arrows, stickers…
  • You can customize the region to capture.


So, above all screen recording software are best and selected based on strong research, still, you are confusing about which one to select, then it depends upon your nature of work.

 If you are a beginner want to record screen, with some basic feature, then you should go for OBS Studio and Screenrec. which are free to use which can make your work easier.

If you are a professional then Camtasia, a flashback can be the best option for you. 

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